Artificial Intelligence

Decision Support Technology

We believe that personalised health data should be more effectively utilised in order to guide user's towards achieving their personal health, fitness and wellness goals.

Current research confirms that a third of users stopped wearing their device within six months. However it is reported that 70% of consumers are ready to begin engaging with their favourite wearable technology devices.

RippleDown technology integrates with wearable devices and smartwatch brands to enable a far superior solution to engage and motivate users.

With RippleDown as an integrated solution, the knowledge, expertise and experience of world leading coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, nutritionalists, athletes and other relevant experts in any given field is accumulated. This is then automatically applied contextually in real-time to the user’s ever expanding health, fitness and wellness data sources to provide an unsurpassed level of personalised guidance and motivation in order to support the user to achieve their goals.

Once data from wearable devices is translated into personalised meaningful insights for users, it empowers long-term engagement and a positive impact on health, fitness and wellness.

Rippledown In Action

Rippledown In Action

Consider personalised wearable data; it is being underutilised. At best the user’s information is compared to the previous days' data or an average demographic baseline.

Once data is delivered to the chosen wearable device portal - Fitbit, Jawbone, UA HealthBox, Withings, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch, Xiaomi, Pebble, Polar and others, RippleDown technology operates as the AI engine in the background to transform the users data into meaningful, intelligent insights. Through automation the knowledge and experience of experts in that chosen field is tailored and applied to the users data. This interpretation and recommendation is then delivered back to the user through their chosen portal in real-time, delivered in a format that they can easily understand and put to use.

Context Matters

Perhaps the user’s goal is to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. RippleDown technology can utilise the knowledge, expertise and experience of last year’s Hawaiian Ironman winner and his entire support team, including physiotherapist, nutritionalist, and weight training specialist. This expertise is applied in real time, providing instantaneous analysis, coaching and support for the user towards achieving the goal.

Utilising RippleDown technology, the user is continually motivated to achieve his goal by understanding how the activity today will benefit tomorrow.

Unlocked Potential

RippleDown is a sophisticated proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that currently delivers millions of automated personalised patient interpretations every hour of every day.

RippleDown's patented technology enables knowledge to be captured by any number of human experts and then is applied to large sets of data and disparate information. It is the most advanced and proven technology in its field and is used comprehensively in clinical environments all around the world. The use of AI technologies, and specifically RippleDown, is being implemented to transform health-related decisions and actions in the clinical environment to improve health and patient outcomes with great success.

The Natural Progression

Due to the advancements within the clinical environment, the natural progression is to apply this technology to data received from wearable devices to give user's detailed information about their activity and health to help them make better and more informed decisions.

Wearable Devices

The rise of point-of-care devices, fitness trackers and a strong consumer movement towards "managing your wellness", the importance of interpreting your data, providing specific tailored guidance and recommendations to individuals is imperative. No longer will a generic answer suffice.

RippleDown processes your wearable data and your historical data and information to provide a real-time interpretation utilising Experts knowledge.

Clinical Healthcare

RippleDown supports health organisations, including hospitals and pathology laboratories by interpreting critical patient information in an accurate, consistent and reliable manner. By applying clinical expertise to patient data from disparate sources in real-time, RippleDown has consistently improved the quality of patient care for more than a decade. In every day use, RippleDown is deployed to over 200 client sites globally and has established partnerships with leading global health care organisations.